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Nokware [“Knock-Wah-Ri”] means “Truth” in Twi, a local Ghanaian language. Originating from Africa’s rich traditions and resources, Nokware is a clean,  A-beauty brand. Nokware is fueled by a team of black women who truly do it all; from formulation and production to strategy, R&D and marketing. 

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Facial Cleanser
For acne and hyperpigmentation
Facial Cleanser
For acne and uneven skin tone
Facial Cleanser
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African Ingredients
Our founder’s great-grandmother was a beneficiary of generations of African women who passed on the wisdom of ages – how to make skincare products using traditional African herbs and oils.

Inspired by Grandma’s wisdom, Nokware seeks to fuse traditional and modern-day skincare knowledge and techniques to create our products.
Local Sourcing
We source our raw materials such as calabashes and shea butter from local women’s co-operatives, with whom we practice a fair-pricing, zero-exploitation policy, because economic inclusion is our ultimate goal.
Women’s Empowerment
In Africa there is a huge gap in opportunities, status, incomes etc. between men and women. It is our pressing priority to work towards bridging the gender parity gap by empowering African women through employment.

This is why we are a female – owned business with an all female factory population. Our women are evidence that when women support each other, incredible things really do happen.
Inclusive Beauty
By promoting the use of products that contain 100% natural ingredients that will not alter or change the color or tone of your skin and by pushing for inclusivity and representation through our marketing campaigns, we are actively promoting a message of self-love and changing the narrative around beauty by providing a space where skin shades that are usually left out are included and represented in a beautiful way.
Sustainable Packaging
We want to raise awareness that single-use plastic is not the only way. All around us, nature has provided us with materials that when repurposed, can make beautiful, natural packaging like our repurposed raffia, jute sacks, bamboo, and calabashes.

Our shea butters, facial cleansers, lip balms and facial moisturizers are packaged in bamboo, which has strong fibrous properties making it the ideal green material for packaging. Our gift boxes are made with natural wood found and crafted right here in Ghana.
Nokware for Women
This fund, is our instrument towards leaving our world a better place than we met it – our way of empowering the younger generation by helping to bridge the gender education gap in Africa. It is Nokware’s way of doing business by giving purpose.

The fund provides financial assistance for the education of the young daughters of our factory women and the women from whom we source.

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