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Nokware [“Knock-Wah-Ri”] means “Truth” in Twi, a local Ghanaian language. Originating from Africa’s rich traditions and resources, Nokware is a 100% natural, clean beauty brand. Our skincare is made with natural ingredients that are sourced from sustainable local farms across Africa and packaged in sustainable, earth friendly packaging 


The brand is led and run by a team of amazing Ghanaian women who truly do it all; from marketing and finance to research, formulation and production. With each product you purchase, we can together transform the lives of local small scale farmers, artisans and traders. Together, we can use commerce as a means to empower female communities and do business in a more beautiful way – with purpose.

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Word on the Street

I was introduced to this brand from a YouTuber. Since I started using the activated charcoal black soap, my skin is brighter & Smooth. OMG the results gave me life that I finally found something good for my skin!


I ordered this for mother's day , my Mom loved it so much ! And the packaging, WOW so nice !


My skin literally feels so smooth each time I use the neem oil soap. My acne has reduced, and no new ones are popping up. I am really happy about this product. I can boldly recommend this to my friends...thanks team nokware


The Ginger & Moringa shea is really good and I love the scent. It has helped clear my dark spots and also helped with my acne. This product is really true to what it does , love it ❤️. Am glad I joined the nokware family #nokwareskin


Nokware's soap is absolutely amazing, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moist. It is a lot and all you need is a small amount each time so this will last you a long time. The packaging is also very detailed and beautiful!


Got Nokware's cleanser after i listened to a review from a popular influencer on youtube and i must tell you, i have no regrets! After every use, my face feels really really refreshed. After consistent usage, my acne breakout reduced drastically. I'll be coming back to get another after i exhaust mine.


I'm just happy that this is actually fading my dark spots and helping with my hyperpigmentation. I had to get 3 sets because I use it for my hair too, for softness and for that extra body glow. Thanks Nokware


I have been using black soap for years but I love the fact that this is packaged so nicely. If you're new to using black soap make sure to rub it in your hands before your body, as there can be small stones from the hand grinding process. I use it to wash my hair and body. Love it!


Love everything about this brand; their products and their customer service. The activated charcoal soap and moringa oil have made such as huge difference to my skin in less than a month. Would definitely recommend it!


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