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Facial Cleansers


Nokware’s newest labor of love, our all natural facial cleansers!

In true Nokware fashion, we didn’t just make a liquified version of our existing soaps. We’ve given you three unique varieties of African Black Soap Facial Cleansers, infused with a targeted group of cold-pressed botanical oils, natural powders and essential oils of the highest-grade to further amplify the performance of the cleanser. Introducing “You Deserve Mor’inga”, “Need for Neem” and “Clay and Clear” to the Nokware family of products.


Our founder poured everything she knew about infused botanics into the 2 year research and development of these game-changing cleansers and we’re so proud of how they turned out. We put so much care, attention and hard work into these creations.

We hope you enjoy!

Please Note We are processing and shipping orders but there may be slight delays due to the pandemic.