it’s about self love

At Nokware, we celebrate diversity and embrace differences. We recognize that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and our wish is for everyone to truly love the skin they’re in.

It’s about sustainability

It’s not just our products that are sourced sustainably and are organic. Our packaging is too!

Our calabash is the cut and dried fruit of the gourd plant. It is reusable and recyclable.
Our calabash covers are the woven product of natural jute fibers derived from the jute plant.
Our raffia twines are derived from a palm tree native to Tropical Africa.
Our brown paper is made from unbleached wood pulp and is degradable.
Our shea butter, cleanser and lip balm containers are made from bamboo.
We encourage our customers to hold on to their containers and return them for cash back or a discount off their next order.

Tell us the many ways you’re practicing sustainability in your daily life.

It’s about simplicity

Our brand name, Nokware, means truth. We embody that by creating simple products that use natural and organic ingredients with no added synthetics. We remain true to our African roots by promoting and highlighting the wonderful natural ingredients found on the African continent. We strive to create products that will help keep your skincare routine easy and simple. How are you living your truth?