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Littles Midi Box


Our Littles Midi Box. We’re oh so excited to bring you this very special gift box.  You get the option of two Nokware Littles’ Butters (1 regular butter and 1 specialized butter ), one Nokware Lip Balm and one beautifully crafted wooden scooping spoon.


This very special box also contains a children’s coloring chart, a children’s reading book and a box of 20 bandaids (plasters). The best part is these extra special products were sourced from amazing black-female owned brands.


It is our dream to partner with other black female-owned businesses and we are ecstatic to make it a reality with our Littles Midi Box. We are certain the recipient of this gift box will love it just as much as we loved creating it.


*Each carefully curated and hand-wrapped box ships as a gift, with a hand-written note.  Orders take 1-4 days to process, after which you’ll receive an email with tracking information.



1  Little’s Everyday Body Butter  (300g) or  1  Shea & Nothing Else  (300g)

1  Little’s Nappy Rash Cream  (300g) or  1  Little’s Eczema Relief Cream  (300g)

1  Nokware How A’Pout Now Lip Butter

1  Children’s Coloring Chart by Wholly Ever After

1 Children’s Reading Book by Nana Ama Buckman

1  Box of 20 Plasters by Hero Plasters

1  Beautifully Crafted Wooden Kijiko (Scooping Spoon)

2 Product Label Stickers (to be used if you want to scoop out butter from the pouch and transfer into a  jar)





Little’s Everyday Body Butter: Shea butter, Coconut oil & Calendula flowers, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E

Shea & Nothing Else: 100% Raw Shea Butter

Little’s Nappy Rash Cream: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Non Nano Zinc Oxide, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Bentonite Clay, Tapioca Starch, Calendula Flowers, Vitamin E

Little’s Eczema Relief Cream: Shea Butter, Oat Kernel Oil, Colloidal Oat Flour, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract


Vegan, Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Synthetic fragrance free, Gluten free

No allergens, toxins, chemicals or fragrance


Nokware Littles are a range of products specially formulated by Nokware Skincare for babies and children ages 0 – 6 years. The products are made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients for everyday use. These ingredients will not dry or irritate your little one’s delicate skin. They have been tested and found to be safe for children.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 32.5 × 8 cm


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