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Nokware Travel Zipper Pouch


Our Travel Zipper Pouch is your perfect travel companion! You’ll get a zipper pouch with a cozy 7.6cm gusset that’s ideal for holding your Nokware essentials and other skincare and cosmetics in your carry-on luggage. Our Zipper Pouches are trendy, useful, and pair great as a “buddy bag” with a larger tote bag or work bag!

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This is the Nokware Travel Zipper Pouch!  This perfectly portable essential pouch was thoughtfully designed to speak to every aspect of our brand.

There are three Ghanaian Adinkra symbols on the travel pouch. Adinkra symbols in Ghana are from the Ashanti tribe and are pictures meant to represent concepts or maxims.

The first symbol is Duafe . Duafe means beauty and cleanliness or a symbol of desirable feminine qualities. Either way, it’s right up Nokware’s alley, literally and figuratively. The second symbol is Asase ye duru (which translates to “the earth has weight”), meant to symbolize the providence and divinity of mother Earth. This symbol is our way of paying homage to the earth and its wondrous organic and natural ingredients it has given us to infuse into our products. The final and one of the most popular Adinkra symbols is Sankofa, which means “return and get it.” It symbolizes the importance of learning from the past. At Nokware, this concept is deeply ingrained in our values, from the formulas our founder’s grandmother passed down to her, to our use of traditional African ingredients which may not be as known on the world stage, but have been used by our African ancestors for centuries. The other four symbols on the pouch represent the core ingredients that form the base of traditional African Black Soap. These are: Plantain skin, cocoa pod, palm nut and coconut oil.

We put so much care, attention and hard work into these creations, and we can’t wait for you to love them!

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Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 17.8 × 7.6 cm

Black, Red, Yellow


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