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the Nokware story

there’s a journey in every jar

it started with 2 African girls and a dream....

Our Founders

Tutuwa and Thato, a Ghanaian and a Motswana met in 2014 in Paris for their Masters degrees. As the only 2 black girls in their year group, they quickly bonded. Tutuwa unconsciously introduced Thato to her great-grandmother’s black soap and shea butter and Thato became obsessed with it!

The Idea

The duo moved back to their respective countries in 2016, and Thato constantly begged Tutuwa to send her black soap for her and her friends. One day, Tutuwa had an idea: “why not take this skincare, a recipe passed down by her great-grandma, to the rest of the world?”

The pitch

Tutuwa excitedly wrote down some concepts. She brainstormed on products, packaging, and strategy, pitched the ideas to Thato and the rest is history!

the birth

Nokware was officially born in October of 2017! Thato is no longer with Nokware today, but her contribution to the brand will never be forgotten and is forever appreciated.