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Neem Oil Black Soap


(37 customer reviews)

Our neem oil black soap is definitely a customer favorite. It has been proven to treat acne and hyperpigmentation, prevent aging and tone skin. There’s no wondering why our customers swear by it!

Neem oil

Wet face and gently massage onto skin for 60 seconds. Rinse and pat dry.

Test on a small section of your skin for sensitivity before use.

Raw African Black soap, Neem Oil

Our soaps are handcrafted and hand-packaged in small batches in Accra, Ghana. As this is a handcrafted product with solely organic ingredients, some variations in color and consistency may occur.


37 reviews for Neem Oil Black Soap

  1. Chioma (verified owner)

    I’ve had uneven skin tone and this soap + clay and clear cleanser with the moringa shea butter does the perfect work. I’ve never been this happy about my skin. Less pores and pigment. I’m happy I stocked this in sets to last so long.

  2. Nickesha Campbell (verified owner)

    This soap is absolutely amazing, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moist. It is a lot and all you need is a small amount each time so this will last you a long time. The packaging is also very detailed and beautiful, only issue is that it is without cover.

  3. Faith (verified owner)

    My skin literally feel so smooth each time I use the neem oil soap and acnes has reduced no new ones popping out am really happy about this product I can boldly recommend this to my friends…thanks team nokware

  4. Kay

    It’s okay as a basic soap but didn’t do anything for my skin tone, scars or acne. Not knocking that it doesn’t work however it does not work for every single person and that’s okay, everything is not made for everyone so just something to keep in mind. It wasn’t pricey so I didn’t mind giving it a try..

  5. Yetti (verified owner)

    Amazing, and truly works to even out skin tone!

  6. Jumi

    Got the soap and tried it out. I was not so impressed as I really broke out on my face. I love the whole packaging though..

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    Best black soap ever!!!!

  8. Ohemaa (verified owner)

    This soap has my face feeling so smooth! I love it.

  9. Manou

    Very good products. My skin tone has changed. I am satisfy with purchase. Will definitely recommend that to anyone. I like the packaging too

  10. Lilian (verified owner)

    After using the soap for a week my face has been so smooth. And I can see the spots fading and will be getting another one when this one is done. Love it!

  11. Funmi

    This has never happened to me before but after using the soap and cleanser I’ve been struggling with serious breakout on my face which I didn’t have before! Very sad. I don’t recommend at all

  12. Azekhuoria precious (verified owner)

    I love this product so much this is the first time my skin is responding so well to a product keep on the good work💕

  13. Eniola Dawodu (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with this product. Within a week, combined with the ginger and moringa shea butter, they have done wonders to my face.

  14. Ify Sylve-Akpodiete (verified owner)

    I have seen Nokware products but only bought it after I watched Dimma’s utube review of the neem black soap and she mentioned that it helped clear her black spots. I am a testimony that indeed this soap works wonders. Nokware for life

  15. Ify Sylve-Akpodiete (verified owner)

    The neem black soap soap left me saying who is this? No spots? I have been breaking out seriously since 9years now after having my last baby. I tried the black soap after watching Dimma Umeh speak about it helping get rid of her black spots. The neem black soap works magic. My skin is gradually returning to its former glory. I am definitely hooked and will be trying out the other products.

  16. Gofaone Gaosenkwe

    I’ve been struggling with acne scars, dull skin and uneven skin tone but after using the neem oil black soap for two weeks I’ve seen a reduction in the visibility of my scars and my skin is getting clearer and brighter. Worth the purchase👌🏾. Absolutely love this soap.

  17. Osakwe Vivian (verified owner)

    Bye bye to dark spots🥰🥰🥰
    This soap is superb. Pls rub on the palm before applying on the face to remove stones or other little stuffs that looks like stone… this neem oil works in less than a week and I’m not exaggerating. It should be called “destroyer of dark spots” lol. I love this soap

  18. Dawn (verified owner)

    I have had stubborn acne that left hyperpigmentations on my face for years now, I had an impulse to make a purchase after I watched dimma umeh on YouTube talk about how it helped with her spots . I wake up everyday to a glowing face . its amazing how the natural African plants we have here can actually solve stuffs we think expensive beauty raves can take care of . Thanks Nokware team ! Keep up the good work 🙌🙌🙌

  19. Germaine

    Before I started using this product, my skin was terrible. I had dark spots and bad acne. I woke up everyday to a new spot and it started to get very frustrating. This product is definitely the solution to all skin problems. It does everything stated in the description. 15/10 product…I would recommend it to anyone💛💛

  20. Damilola

    Dries me out and leaves me patches

  21. Sugi

    What’s not to love. This black soap is the truth. After 3 months of constant breakouts, I have the confidence to be myself all thanks to this soap.

  22. Lawretta Onwuka

    After watching dimma umeh on YouTube. I bought it and it made my face smooth and my scars are fading away gradually, thanks to nokware.🙏🤚🏼👏👏👏

  23. Kenny Mak

    This soap is beyond amazing! Not only did it stop my acne, it also removed my acne scars and hyperpigmentation!!! The last time i saw my skin this clear was when I was 17 years old!
    Just a side note for if you’re living in a cold climate, it will DRY out your skin. HOWEVER, to avoid this, immediately follow up with any moisturizer, then tap the Nokware shea butter into your skin to seal it and then follow up with any face oil. This method is a game changer to prevent your face from drying out!

  24. Dianne

    I love the black soap so much
    It stopped my acne and removed all the scars from my face
    Thank you so much 💕

  25. Olivia (verified owner)

    This soap works for Acne and red spots like magic best way to use and get faster result wash your face with it at night let air dry your face don’t add any thing else just let the soap work

    People with sensitive skin may not like this but you can reduce the sensitivity just wet your face and create a lather of the soap on your palm before using on your face

    And lastly if u don’t have oily skin and u want to try this u will get very dry after washing so be sure to moisturize

    Overall I like the soap

  26. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This is the best African Black soap that I’ve ever use. It evens my skin tone and make my skin soft and clean.

  27. Idam

    I have been struggling with my skin for more than 2years now. In the second quarter of this year I watched Dinma umeh’s YouTube video and decided to give this soap a try. In Dinma’s voice, “Guys! This is the best decision I made for my skin this year”
    I just want to thank the brand for saving my skin. My pimples are all gone and i don’t have new pimples popping out.

  28. Uduak (verified owner)

    Great product. I highly recommend. The only problem i have is the high cost of shipping to Nigeria. Shipping costs more than the products now

  29. Azyhay

    Since I started using the neem oil black soap, I have less breakouts, and my acne scars are clearing.
    Now it has become a staple in my skincare routine. Totally love it!

  30. Araba

    I love how the neem soap help balance my skin tone. Less breakouts and acne. Thank you

  31. Adjoa (verified owner)

    I used this as a body soap and it helped clear up my body acne and clogged pores significantly. My skin felt so smooth with consistent use. When it ran out and I hadn’t stocked up on a replacement yet I definitely noticed the difference.

  32. Joy

    This neem oil black soap is the real deal. Not scented and it lasted me a very long time. It cleared all my pimples and even anyone that tried to rise up within a day it flattens out. I use twice or once a day in such cases. Though it can be a bit drying at first make sure you use a good moisturizer or serum and moisturizer. Please moisturize.

  33. Jennifer Abban (verified owner)

    I have been using the Nokware Neem Oil Black soap for almost one month now and all i can say it’s the best to treat your acne. I love it and i am also happy it is going to last for long. I have used all kinds of cleansers but i am happy i have found my baby Nokware neem oil black soap and their customer services is just perfect. Congrats guys for the good work and i believe God will bless each and everyone for your good works. I am excited!!!

  34. Mayqueen (verified owner)

    I got this about two weeks ago and believe me when I say it is the definitely the truth!!! like the brand’s name goes. I have acne prone and oily skin as well as hyperpigmentation.
    My skin tone is uneven. Basically my skin hasn’t been doing too good. But after just a week I started noticing some improvement and two weeks down the line I don’t break out as often, my hyperpigmentation is slowly clearing up and my skin tone is getting even. I don’t regret it and highly recommend it.

  35. Naa (verified owner)

    I keep coming back to this. Nothing keeps my skin smooth and the bumps at bay like this soap does. 10/10 purchase.

  36. Chinomso Onuoha (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Nokware through Dimma Umeh and I bless her for this. After moving to a new country, my skin developed some issues. It was constantly dry and I started breaking out and scaring. But once I started using the black soap, all these issues went away and my skin returned to its normal state

  37. Annabelle (verified owner)

    The best soap ever !

    After watching dimma ume youtube review i ordered the soap.
    My pimples are gone and my hyperpigmentation is fading gradually.
    I love the soap. Many thanks for the quick delivery.

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